Survey: Aphantasia

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When someone says “picture it in your mind” are you meant to literally picture something or do you think it’s a metaphor?

We’re interested in something called Aphantasia, where people struggle to create visual images in their mind- so, for example, they do not form visual memories, cannot bring a face to mind, and often do not have visual dreams. We’re interested in how common this is and if some aspects are easier to picture than others, so fill it out even if you’re awesome at picturing things.

Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions or comments!


5 thoughts on “Survey: Aphantasia

  1. Hey, I can’t get past the first couple of questions because I’m agender (and happy to say), and I don’t work (not in education either). I guess the industry question would be covered by ‘other’ but it’s not very clear, and I really can’t truthfully get past the gender question anyway without an ‘other’ option there. 😦


    1. Hi Ictor,
      Sorry the wording of industry question isn’t completely clear and the gender question doesn’t include an other option – you’re not the first to bring this up as an issue! I don’t personally have access to change the questions, but I’ll pass on your comments to those who do and see if we can get them changed to be more inclusive. 🙂


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